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Latest All New Tiny Tours!….

All New Tours for 2021: Two new tours with a focus on food & drink are now available….The “Thirsty Three” tour and the “Country Pub Tour Series”. My very new “Pop & Nana Drives” – are also available just for seniors. See the Tour list for more detail.


My New “Pop & Nana Drives” are 4 Hours of fun in a booking of 3 people maximum. A 4 hour drive tour which is a great “GIFT IDEA” for Grandmas & Grandads with reasonable mobility who simply want to go for a drive, a cuppa somewhere and a look ’round.

Only $60 a seat (Coffee, Cake, Snacks & Venue entries not included)

VEGEMITE! Love it or hate it – its a national institution here, and is part of Australian society as much as our friendly sharks on the beaches, cute furry spiders under all the chairs and snakes in your suitcases! So now Im offering for any interested bookings, a free “Vegemite for Dummies” course in my tours!

Guests will be shown how much spread to apply and I will be using the nationally recognised “Cracker of Choice” – the classic Arnotts Sao biscuit. The perfect accompaniment to a lovely cup of tea!…

Please request this free “Vegemite Appreciation Course!…” when booking any of my tours.